Hello, I’m Kent Gilley.   I’m a husband, father, brother, programmer, photographer, stocker, planogrammer, developer, movie critic, cyclist, hobbyist, bowler, and dreamer.

I currently work two jobs, build websites, work in the yard, and watch countless ours of dramas.  I live in the great state of Texas, and I dare you to prove me otherwise. I taught my cat Maximus Decimus Meridus how to give a High Five.

I’ve driven tanker trucks,  double trailers, flat beds, held a HAZMAT license, and more. I had a CDL. I never had a lesson.  I’ve photographed sporing events of NASCAR, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and motocross. I’ve taken studio and outdoor photography for years. I never had a lesson.

I know and use these often, if not every day (in no order):

JAVA         Apache Tomcat         Eclipse         SDK         NETBEANS         SQL         Canon Adobe Photoshop         IBM iSeries         Android         MySQL         SQLite
Adobe Dreamweaver         RPG IV         Java Server Pages         JavaScript         AJAX          XML         

I’m tired now, will finish later (did I mention two jobs?)